4 Product (s)
Article number: 371001

MERCURY - 1 input - VHF/UHF

Article number: 371003

RUBY - 4 input - FM/DAB/UHF

Article number: 371002

TOPAZ - 3 input - FM/DAB/UHF

Broadband amps

Broadband Amplifiers for CATV / SMATV amplify the full signal range of a cable TV network to compensate for the attenuations of the passive distribution components like cable, taps, splitters and subscriber outlets in the network.

The amps are specially designed for transmission of a large number of PAL and QAM channels with low intermodulation and low distortion.

The amplifiers for CATV networks consist of a forward path for the downstream signal, and the option to use a return path for up-streaming of the DOCSIS signal to implement Fast Internet Access.

SMATV amplifiers are reduced to gain the forward path only.

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