Product description:

TX45 Log Periodic Aerial

TRIAX TX45 is a high quality 14 element LTE protected Log Periodic aerial w/ excellent flat gain response across the band. The F connector is protected by a weather proof cap w/ bayonet fitting.

  • F connector can be rotated 90°
  • Aerial can be installed vertically and horizontally
  • Weatherproff cap w/ bayonet fitting to protect the F connector
  • Flat gain response across the band
  • LTE filtering
  • Robust design w/ hex nut clamp


EAN Number 5702661081873
Type Log Periodic 14 element
Channels 21...60
Frequency range UHF 470...790 MHz
LTE protection @ 800Mhz
Band UHF
Gain 10...12 dBi
Gain @ 474 MHz (Ch. 21) 10.0 dBi
Gain @ 786 MHz (Ch. 60) 10.0 dBi
Gain @ 602 MHz (Ch. 37) 11.0 dBi
Rejection @ 862 MHz (LTE U6) 7.0 dB
Front to back ratio - horizontal 12...17 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Beamwidth horizontal 35...45 °
Beamwidth vertical 30...40 °
Elements 14
Packaging Depth 0,455 m
Packaging Height 0,170 m
Total Weight 8,000 kg
Packaging Width 1,070 m
Product Length 1040 mm
Net Weight 6,200 kg
Packing QTY 10
Tara Weight 1,800 kg
Packaging Volume 0,083 m3
Product Width 335 mm
Product Height 50 mm
Colour Aluminium
Main material Aluminium
Bracketry Mast bracket - rear
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