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Aerial antennas

Aerials for any need

  • TRIAX has more than 60 years’ experience in the design, production and sale of aerials across the world.
  • Our aerials are made to withstand difficult weather conditions, at the coast or in areas with high levels of wind or sun.
  • We use quality materials, such as a sturdy aluminium boom and robust mast, which can be mounted without the need for additional tools.
  • The dipole and elements are mounted with sturdy fittings of metal or plastic. The dipole is mounted in polyethylene housing, which is highly resistant to sudden changes in temperature and sunlight (UV radiation).
  • Our aerials regularly undergo UV, saline and stress tests, where they are subjected to over 100,000 fluctuations at the physical resonance frequency. We do this in order to ensure they live up to TRIAX’s strict quality demands.

LTE protected

  • The use of frequency ranges over 700 MHz for DVB-T (digital terrestrial TV) is being phased out worldwide, with the frequencies instead being used for 4G mobile broadband signals, also known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and / or LTE Advanced Technology.
  • This results in new challenges for DVB-T installations, since the aerials in use up to now have been built to have the best amplification in the range between 702 MHz (K50) and 862 MHz (K69).
  • TRIAX has produced a new range of aerials and related products in order to solve the challenges brought by LTE signals.
  • All these products bear the logo “LTE Protected – by TRIAX”.
  • LTE800 aerials reject signals above 800 MHz (K60).
  • LTE700 aerials reject signals above 700 MHz (K48).
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