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Optical re-converters

Optical re-converters (virtual optical receiver nodes) for Opto-LNB and IRS

The TVC 05 and TVQ 05 are optical-to-coax converters which convert frequency stacked optical signals from an opto-LNB (TOL) or IRS (TOU 232) sidecar unit into a legacy universal single coax signal.

The Re-converters also provide a coax DTT/FM/DAB signal diplexed onto each output (TVC 05) or onto a separate output (TVQ 05).

  • Compatible with optical LNB TOL 32/64 and optical transmitter TOU 232 kit.
  • Built in AGC allowing a wide dynamic range of optical signals, without impacting output level and quality.
  • Two LED indicators display operation status.
  • Easy mounting via a wall baseplate.


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