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Article number: 307380

TMDS 516 C dSCR multiswitch

Article number: 307368

TMDS 42 C dSCR Multiswitch

Article number: 318184

TdSCR 512 Multiswitch

Article number: 318182

TdSCR 504 Multiswitch

Article number: 318183

TdSCR 508 Multiswitch

Article number: 318185


Article number: 318186


Article number: 318187


Article number: 318188


dSCR multiswitches

dSCR multiswitches

dSCR means "digital Satelite Cable Router" - it converts received sat signals to "user bands"

The converted transponders are combined/sent in one single coax cable to the receiver(s).

Communications between the dSCR multiswitch and the connected receivers is done via a specific protocol (EN50494 unicable I & EN50607 unicable II) - using DiSEqC commands.

  • Single cable technology (unicable) - allows for transporting DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DAB & FM signals
  • Much reduced installation costs of coax cables - as only one is to be used.
  • Easy split of SAT signals + easy adding of Terrestrial signals.
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