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TDX SNMP License

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TDX IPTV-in 12 service - Start

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TDX IPTV-in 4 service - Start

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TDX PID management

TDX licenses

TDX IP capability - the future is programmable

Technology that can do more.

Thanks to TRIAX IP-pool technology, you can create any combination of your choice of services, IP signals and TV programmes from what is available in the TDX IP-pool and distribute them as an IP data stream.

The innovative TRIAX IP-pool technology makes your head-end system free of coercion assignments of the input and output modules. All incoming TV and IP-in services initially enter the TRIAX IP-pool. From the IP-pool they can be modulated into any required output signal (full multiplexing) and then simultaneously fed to several receiving sources.

This makes the TDX uniquely flexible, efficient and economical. For example, a single satellite signal can be modulated and distributed as PAL, QAM and COFDM or as an IP output signal.

To be able to open up for IPTV services out of the TDX box you need a license key, available from our sales team.

What you have to do is:
From the TDX main unit you go to the ADMIN tab. There is a point that is saying License handling

Here you see "Serial number and a TDX unique ID". These to numbers you have to send to TRIAX Export department I Hornsyld together with your order on TDX IPTV services. Then you will receive the activation key.

If you want to expand the headend with more IP services you must order extra packages of TDX IPTV 4 or 12 services - Expand

All the activation key numbers will be unique and will only activate the IP services in this head end. If you try to use it in another head end – it will not work.

In the software – you will be able to see how many services there are opened for in this head end.


If a client already have 24 services and want to buy extra 12 services – then he must send in the numbers mentioned above – and then he will receive a new activation code that opens up for 12 extra services = total 36 services.


The only hardware is the SSP connection – that is} where the IP data stream comes out of the TDX controller board.

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