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Coax cables

The TRIAX coax cable portfolio covers almost any MATV, SMATV or CATV need.

Every single layer of the coax cable is important and has an influence on the optimal solution for customer applications.

  1. Inner Conductor: Transports the signals. Made of Cu (copper) or CCS (copper clad steel).
  2. Dielectric: Protects the conductor and keeps it concentric to the screen. Made of PEG (gas injected polyethylen). The modern gas injection and skin-foam-skin technology adds electrical durability and resistance to bending and other types of mechanical stress.
  3. First shield (foil): The first layer of the cable screening. Typically made of metal tape, such as Al/Pet/Al.
  4. Second shield (braid): Serves to protect the signals from external interference. Consists of metal strands CuSn (tinned copper) or Al (aluminium) braided around the cable. The number of strands and the thickness is critical for shielding effectiveness.
  5. Third shield (foil): Metal tape on triple shielded cables, aiming to obtain higher screening.
  6. Jacket: Protects the cable from the external environment. Made of PVC or LSZH (indoor) or PE (outdoor).
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