TdSCR Multiswitches certified to EICS scheme

3 March 2021: All TdSCR Multiswitches are now EICS certified

We’re delighted to announce our TdSCR Multiswitches have been certified by the European IRS Certification Scheme (EICS), DTG Testing and CAI’s newly launched European-wide assurance scheme for TV and Satellite distribution equipment.

The certification is a testament to TRIAX’s values of quality and reliability. The CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) said the EICS certification demonstrates “the high quality of the TRIAX solution and compatibility with all major satellite and TV platforms”, enabling end-users such as installers, specifiers, housing associations and platform operators to select products with confidence when they see the EICS mark.

Benefits of EICS Certification

The European IRS Certification Scheme (EICS) is the first scheme of its kind and will provide reassurance of end-to-end device compatibility, interoperability and robust RF performance within satellite and DTT distribution systems.

The scheme has been developed through an industry collaboration of satellite and DTT platforms, major equipment manufacturers, and led by industry associations DTG and CAI. It consists of a test specification underpinned by international standards and a consumer-facing logo.

Supported by the leading retailers, the logo will ensure a high quality of experience for the end customer. End-users, such as installers, specifiers, housing associations and platform operators can use the logo to recognise equipment that is compatible with all major satellite and TV services; and therefore interoperable with other EICS equipment.


Alex Buchan, Strategic Technologist at the Digital Television Group (DTG), said "DTG Testing is delighted that a major manufacturer such as TRIAX has joined this scheme. The continued uptake of the scheme is great news for TV platforms, manufacturers of satellite and TV distribution equipment, and installers who can select products with confidence when they see the EICS mark."

Peter Sealey, Chairman of CAI, said "CAI are pleased to have worked with DTG Testing to develop this new Product Certification Scheme, which follows on from the success of CAI’s existing Cable and Aerial Certification Schemes. This new scheme will enable our members, as well as other parts of the industry, to select the best products for their installations. The EICS mark will also enable developers, landlords and the specifiers working for them, to ensure they get systems that work as intended, when combined with CAI Codes of Practice and installation by our members."


Detailed product info

Find specifications and more info about each TdSCR multiswitch in our Products area:


Article number Product name Product info
318185 >
TdSCR 504 4 SCR/Legacy outputs
318186 > TdSCR 508 8 SCR/Legacy outputs
318187 > TdSCR 512 12 SCR/Legacy outputs
318188 > TdSCR 516 16 SCR/Legacy outputs


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